CMDSA’s focus is to empower, educate and support single parents in the South African context.

CMDSA’s ultimate goal is that every child in South Africa is financially supported by both parents, which is their right, in order to alleviate systemic poverty of single headed households.

To do this, CMDSA assists primary caregivers by empowering them to know their rights regarding child maintenance laws when seeking financial support through the South African Maintenance Courts. CMDSA does this through their face-to-face and online National Support Programs to help parents safeguard the rights of their children. 

CMDSA aims to run sensitivity training for members of the Justice Department, providing coaching and information sharing on this issue and how to deal with these vulnerable women in a respectful way. Through this work, CMDSA is establishing an advocacy research programme that will conduct an information gathering process. It will assess the needs of primary caregivers in the support groups, gaining knowledge of their cases and court experiences, to provide appropriate input for policy change as well as continued awareness raising.



Our Main Group

The Facebook group was opened in 2014 by Felicity Guest.

The purpose of the group was to reach out and offer support to single parents who are facing battles with child maintenance and children’s rights related issues.

Here is where you ask those burning questions and get help on the way forward.

Today, this group is ‘home’ to over 56 000 members and has a team of dedicated administrators. 

You can join our group HERE

CMDSA currently has over 20 support groups running nationally.

The support groups available to emotionally support single parents in their journey. The support group leaders receive training, materials and support from CMDSA.

The support groups are run via Whatsapp groups as well as face to face meetings. Many of the support groups have various projects running in order to further support their members, such as a court buddy program.

If you would like to find out who runs your nearest support group, please have a look at the leaders file in Resources or email us on

Support Groups

Our Business Group

We offer our services, time and resources absolutely free with our support groups and our main Facebook page, but there are many legs of our journey that require funding. We do not allow advertising or recommendations on our main group, so we have opened this business page to give our members a safe platform where they can advertise and grow their businesses whilst assisting the NPC’s growth as well. Here you are able to add your product or service to a directory and place adverts for a small fee. If you would like to add your business to our listings, please email

The Worri Monster is a social enterprise project for unemployed, unskilled and marginalised women who do not receive maintenance from the father’s of their children.

It is an opportunity to learn a skill and earn an income to provide a better life and future for their children.

The aim is to run these projects in hubs around the country. These hubs would also become support groups and empowerment spaces for women to learn about their and their rights, as well as their children’s rights.

The Worri Monster is a therepuetic doll, that can also be used by child therapists and social workers in their practices.

However, they also make unique dolls for any child to love and to share their “worri’s” with.

Worri Monsters can be sponsored by corporates and gifted to benficiaries of their choice. Private sales are also available. The proceeds from these sales go to the makers and the NPC.

Find out more HERE

Social Enterprise